Introducing a Tutorial and touchDefense

November 11, 2008. Filed under cocos2d 4 monocle-studios 2 touchdefense 1

Luke Hatcher and I have been working together for a number of months on a project, which I am glad (and perhaps relieved) to say has recently reached 1.0 and been released.

The project is touchDefense, and is a tower defense style game for the iPhone. We focused on making a game that's simple and intuitive to play, but still provides depth in gameplay with a variety of different strategies and tower combinations to consider. Did we succeed? Hopefully you'll buy a copy and find out.

Also, Luke and I wrote an in-depth tutorial on getting started with Cocos2d iPhone, which is the first of a series of whitepapers provided by the fine folks at Monocle Studios LLC (i.e. Luke and me). The tutorial walks through starting an empty XCode project, integrating the Cocos2d iPhone library (and the Chipmunk phyics engine) into the project, and getting started with some basic tasks with Cocos2d iphone.

Luke and I would love to hear any feedback about the game, the tutorial or about anything else. You can reach both of us