Improvements to LifeFlow Editor

May 21, 2008. Filed under lifeflow 20 lifeflow-editor 3

I spent my free time at work today remembering how LifeFlow works, and in particular fixing up the LifeFlow Editor, which is what I use to write entries (instead of the Django admin), but still has some rough edges. I fixed a handful of things, most notably I finally implementing login/logout so you don't have to login via the Django admin anymore, which was not particularly graceful.

Picture of LifeFlow Editor's login screen.

I also made the sluggify function, used for generating slugs in the LFE, a bit more capable so that I will no longer have to skip over to the Django admin to fix titles with punctuation (that is really the only thing I have used the Django admin for in the past month, so extending it was a valuable thirty seconds of my day). Last, I also added support for specifying authors and hooking up translations to the LFE. Hopefully I'll be putting out a new translation sometime tonight to celebrate.

Picture of LifeFlow Editor's authors & translations screen.

The LFE still has a bit of work to go, and the first thing I'll be working at is cleaning up the mangled javascript code that powers it. I'm pretty sure the decisions I made all seemed like good ones at the time, but the end result was a javascript diaspora that makes development feel a bit more hacky than it needs to. At the moment its an amazing example of how to do many things inappropriately or incomprehensibly with JQuery. Also, I really need to restyle the logout button, its looking pretty ugly up there...

My goal is to release LifeFlow 0.99 before I return back to America in early August, so look for some increased development in this area. Once finished, it'll stay at 0.99 tracking the Django SVN trunk until Django 1.0 (or 2.0 or whatever it ends up being called) is released, at which point I clean and package it up into a nice 1.0 release.