Haiku for an April

April 20, 2008. Filed under haiku 3

The green spring is here.
Long awaited, it has come.
Got to catch me some.

A flower in focus, along with unfocused river behind it.

Finding new music.
I swear, Prozac ain't got shit
on this treasure hunt.

A golden bird on a float in a parade.

Over a short hour
My ideas lose luster.
Save, close, and forget.

A bridge over a river.

Cherry blossoms.
Raising their veils for two weeks,
They leave you hungry.

Another sakura tree in bloom.

I like that Tao thing.
Perhaps I am mistaken.
That happens a lot.

A sakura tree in bloom.

A new cereal,
And even skim milk in stock?
These are a day's joys.

A drum under some trees.

With three kinds of tea,
Each day has a new flavor.
For three days, that is.

A picture of bushes and a sign for a coffee shop in Japan.

Like grand expectations,
they can stress me out.

Some flowers on a stone wall.

When writing haiku,
Punctuation brings me joy
With wise commas.

A tree in a deep blue sky.

A quiet terror.
Monday never lets me be.
Fuck fuck fuck fuck fuck.