Findjango Redesign & Slides for django-nyc

March 25, 2009. Filed under springsteen 6 findjango 3 slides 2

Two quick notes. First, Findjango has finally been redesigned! The design is by Kevin Fricovsky (physical manifestation of Monty Lounge Industries and member of This Week in Django), and I think it is pretty awesome. Certainly a huge improvement over the previous version which caused searchers great emotional pain.

Picture of Findjango redesign by Kevin Fricovsky

(You'll probably need to force refresh the CSS files. I'll setup django-compress to version CSS later this week, but been busy of late.)

Second note is that I am giving a presentation on django-springsteen tonight at django-nyc. I'm the third of three talks; the other two are on django-sphinx and django-solr, so we have a very search heavy night coming up. There is going to be a live cast of some sort, stay tuned on @howiworkdaily to get details. The talks theoretically start at 7:00 PM EST (3/25/2009), but 7:10 or 7:15 is a bit more likely. (The screamcast is probably at, but I'm not positive.)

Keynote version of slides.

Powerpoint version of slides.