A Few Quick Updates to Site

October 12, 2007. Filed under blog 14

After a long time neglecting things, I have finally tracked down the mod_python error that was giving me grief, and found that I made a typo in one of my apache configuration files. (Perversely I did not make the mistake in my tutorial about how to set up a configuration like mine. If only I took my own advice.)

I also changed the CSS to change the layout from a 1.5 column design (which I loved greatly) that looked good in non-Internet Explorer browsers to a single column design that looks okay in all browsers (maybe). I haven't actually tested its appearance in IE, but a while ago I did test a similar design in IE and it worked... I will verify that it is working when I get back into work on Monday.

I have also been playing with Shoes. Will hopefully have a bit of a tutorial on it in the near future.