This is a collection of my favorite writing from over the years. It ranges a bit from personal stories to technical advice. That said, I hope you’ll enjoy all of it!

⭐ Useful tradeoffs are multi-dimensional.

⭐ Layers of context.

⭐ Writers who operate.

⭐ Deciding to leave your (executive) job.

⭐ Writing an engineering strategy.

⭐ Setting engineering org values.

⭐ Measuring an engineering organization.

⭐ Time and energy.

⭐ Reading a Profit & Loss statement.

⭐ Founding Uber SRE.

⭐ Hard to work with.

⭐ Trunk and Branches Model for Scaling Infrastructure Organizations

⭐ Inspection and the limits of trust.

⭐ How to safely think in systems.

⭐ How to be a tech influencer.

⭐ Write five, then synthesize: good engineering strategy is boring.

⭐ Managing technical quality in a codebase.

⭐ Work on what matters.

⭐ Your first 90 days as CTO or VP Engineering.

⭐ How the Digg team was acquihired.

⭐ A forty-year career.

⭐ Reclaim unreasonable software.

⭐ How to invest in technical infrastructure.

⭐ Magnitudes of exploration.

⭐ How to evolve an engineering organization.

⭐ Why limiting work-in-progress works.

⭐ Metrics for the unmeasurable.

⭐ Infrastructure planning: users, baselines and timeframes.

⭐ Work the policy, not the exceptions.

⭐ Sizing engineering teams.

⭐ Digg's v4 launch: an optimism born of necessity.

⭐ Staying on the path to high performing teams.

⭐ Migrations: the sole scalable fix to tech debt.

⭐ Some of my favorite technical papers.

⭐ Product management in infrastructure eng.

⭐ Cold sourcing: hire someone you don't know.

⭐ Productivity in the age of hypergrowth.

⭐ Introduction to architecting systems for scale.

⭐ Genetic algorithms: cool name & damn simple.

⭐ An Epic Introduction to PyObjC and Cocoa