Django-Portfolio: Organize and Display Projects

December 29, 2008. Filed under django 72

Whether you're a consultant, contractor, hobbiest or student, if you're a programmer (or designer, or author, or...) then you have projects. If you're a programmer with a website, then you've probably spent a few hours recreating boilerplate code for niftily displaying and organizing your projects. But no more.

Kevin Fricovsky and I both had been thinking about a better way to display our personal projects, and that has begun to take form in django-portfolio. It is a pluggable and reusable app for displaying, grouping and organizing personal projects, and over the past several weeks it has begun to gain substance (Kevin's GitHub repository is the official repo, but for the time being my fork is a bit further along).

The first functional example--as well as a few screenshots--is right here, powering my projects section (and you can even see my project page for django-portfolio displayed using django-portfolio).


  1. Group projects by categories (one to many).
  2. Assign tags to projects (many to many).
  3. View list of projects grouped by either category or tag.
  4. Assign 0+ files and images per project.
  5. Example project using jQuery to click through all images (example here).
  6. Optional pull quotes (example here).
  7. Simple, resuable, still malleable for your input and changes.

Future Ideas

  1. Integration with repositories.
    • Build zip/tar of repository on demand.
    • Pull the project's README and render it for project detail page.
  2. Management command to resize all images. (I'm just using an automator script for this currently... not great but workable.)

Let Kevin or I know any ideas you have, or just fork the repository.