Another Breakfast With You

December 29, 2007. Filed under food 4

Today's breakfast was a pretty good one (Another Breakfast With You is a song by Ladytron).

Picture of a breakfast

It contained...

  • a pot of hot green tea
  • a sliced up apple, with peanut butter
  • a bowl of 'Kellogs Genmai Flakes', which are made with brown rice, covered with yogurt
  • 3 pieces of toast with their middles cut out and an egg fried there
  • the cut out pieces of toast were converted into very small pieces of cinnamon toast

Recently I have been thinking a lot about the idea of opening a restaurant. Not that this seems particularly likely (my cooking repetoire is... limited), but I have been learning a lot about food recently, and enjoy cooking it.

And a dinner as well

I don't have a picture of the dinner I put together last night, but it was a bit too creative, but I think I'll be able to refine it into something thats a bit more tasty.

  1. A salmon fillet baked and cut into three pieces. One piece was covered in cinnamon (this is a great touch I happened to try a few days ago, highly recommended), one piece covered in caramel (pretty good, but a bit too hard, would prefer if it didn't solidify, not sure how to acchieve that), and another piece covered in dark chocolate (full disclosure: I melted some M&Ms into a pan and used that, it was too sweet and overpowered all the other tastes, damn).
  2. Green beans cooked and smothered in melted butter.
  3. Soba and brocolli, covered in a wasabi cream sauce (this wasabi cream sauce is the source of great and continued pleasure for me).
  4. A large beer.

For the most part things went well, my only real complaint was the chocolate, which was my fault to begin with. Next I might try doing half sweet and semisweet cooking chocolate. Or perhaps using semisweet cooking chocolate and sweetening it with wine for a nuanced flavor.

Who knows what cooking splendor will occur next...