Irrational Exuberance!

Paper Review of "Hints On Computer System Design"

August 21, 2009 My second paper review, in which I review Butler Lampson's Hints on Computer System Design, an excellent paper which takes a look at a variety of hints for good software engineering.

Paper Review of "A Transaction Model"

August 18, 2009 Here is my first attempt at putting together some thoughts on a computer science paper, in this case Jim Gray's A Transaction Model from 1980. It is an excellent paper which pushed me to think about my current work project in a broader light, and also inspired some ideas about potential future side-projects to experiment with.

Success and Dancing Shoes

July 31, 2009 It's been a strange couple of weeks; perhaps even a strange couple of years. But the dancing shoes are still on, dancing for position, and waiting for luck.

Several Approaches to Versioning Files in PHP

July 28, 2009 Another problem I ran into at work recently is how to include versioned static files into a PHP frontend. Here I take a look at a couple of possible approaches, although neither of them are particularly overwhelming in their beauty, they seem to be workable.

Distinguishing Strings from Lists in Erlang

July 24, 2009 A quick look at the very very simple solution I have arrived upon for distinguishing between strings and lists in Erlang.