Irrational Exuberance!

How Pitance Versions Documents in CouchDB

September 17, 2009 A quick overview of how I ended up versioning templates in Pitance, requiring a bit of extra meta-data as well as creative use of the query api.

Erlang Brush for SyntaxHighlighter

September 15, 2009 While adding SyntaxHighlighter support to Pitance, I went ahead and put together a very simple Erlang brush.

Pitance: Template and Snippet Infrastructure

September 13, 2009 After several months of work, it is finally time to take the curtain off of Pitance. Pitance is an infrastructure for sharing and managing reusable templates and snippets, including a command-line client and an HTTP/JSON API.

Load Balancing Across Erlang Process Groups

September 12, 2009 A quick look at a slightly novel solution for balancing load across process groups when building Erlang systems.

Changing Mimetypes for Text Responses in BeepBeep

September 3, 2009 A quick post on how to change mimetype in BeepBeep micro-framework for Erlang.