Irrational Exuberance!

A Couple of Clojure Agent Examples

November 22, 2009 This post contains an extremely brief discussion on how Clojure agents differ from Erlang actors, and then follows with examples o fusing Clojure agents to serialize file writes, form message relays and perform parallel HTTP fetches.

Writing Files in Clojure

November 16, 2009 Another quick Clojure blog entry, this one on writing out file contents.

Reading Files in Clojure

November 15, 2009 A brief overview to approaches to reading in files in Clojure.

Setting Up TLA+ Tools on OS X

October 31, 2009 A quick walkthrough for setting up the TLA+ tools on OS X.

Comments on "Why Engineers Should Consider Formal Methods"

October 20, 2009 A few quick comments on the excellent paper from 1997, "Why Engineers Should Consider Formal Methods".