Being visible.

September 24, 2020. Filed under staff-plus 18career 16

Bert Fan’s best advice for those trying to reach a Staff-plus role was, "often reaching Staff is a combination of luck, timing, and work."

Staff projects.

September 17, 2020. Filed under staff-plus 18

A popular recurring idea around reaching a Staff-plus role is that first you need to successfully complete a 'Staff project.' A project that is considered complex and important enough that the person who completes it has proven themselves as a Staff engineer. However popular this idea is, if you’re pursuing a Staff-plus role it’s important to pierce the mythology of these projects and focus on the experiences of folks who’ve walked the path before you.

Work on what matters.

September 10, 2020. Filed under staff-plus 18

We all have a finite amount of time to live, and within that mortal countdown we devote some fraction towards our work. Even for the most career-focused, your life will be filled by many things beyond work: supporting your family, children, exercise, being a mentor and a mentee, hobbies, and so the list goes on. This is the sign of a rich life, but one side-effect is that time to do your work will become increasingly scarce as you get deeper into your career.

Using QR Codes in printed books.

September 7, 2020. Filed under python 59elegant-puzzle 9

Probably my favorite parts of An Elegant Puzzle is the QR codes we created for each link as an exploration of how print and digital can comingle a bit more easily.

Build a network of peers.

September 4, 2020. Filed under staff-plus 18

As I talk to more and more Staff-plus engineers about career advice, the most consistent recommendation was to develop a personal network of peers doing similar work. Not every person emphasized this approach, but more than half mentioned it and for those who did it tended to be their first and strongest recommendation.