Notes on data modeling from Handbook of Relational Database Design.

September 13, 2019. Filed under book 11

I’ve been working through Handbook of Relational Database Design by Candace Fleming and Barbara von Halle, first released in 1989, which ambitiously attempts to define best practice for both modeling data in a database agnostic way and also address implementation concerns for implementing and tuning databases. I’ll write up note for both eventually, and these are my notes on the first half of the book on defining data models.

Organizing team offsites.

September 8, 2019. Filed under management 101

Last week, the team I support had our quarterly offsite. I’ve been running team offsites more and more frequently over the past few years, and have finally been able to nail down an approach that consistently feels like an essential, effective use of time.

Rewriting the Yahoo! BOSS Datahub.

August 31, 2019. Filed under stories 6yahoo 1

In 2008, my approach to blogging was concocting an explosion of blog posts on breaking technologies and hoping that would translate into notoriety, page views, or at least a job beyond teaching English. I attempted this approach to various degrees with PyObjC, Processing.js, Why The Lucky Stiff's Shoes, and a few others.

Describing fault domains.

August 17, 2019. Filed under infrastructure 34architecture 27

Fault domains are one of the most useful concepts I've found in arhcitecting reliable systems, and don't get enough attention. If you want to make your software predictably reliable, including measuring your reliability risk, then it's an extremely useful concept ot spend some time with.

Distributed systems vocabulary.

August 11, 2019. Filed under infrastructure 34architecture 27

One of the challenges of having a discussion about distributed systems is agreeing on vocabulary. I've written up some of the vocabulary I've found most useful for having such discussions.