How to practice backend engineering.

June 20, 2020. Filed under architecture 30interviewing 4

On a recent call, I chatted with someone about backend roles in software engineering, and what folks actually do in those roles. More than just what do these folks do, how would you practice for this kind of role or prepare for interviews?

Trapped in a Values Oasis.

June 18, 2020. Filed under management 123

Learning to influence without authority is the keystone leadership skill to transition from early to mid career. It becomes an even more important skill later in your career as you need to partner effectively with your peers, executives and board members.

My career story.

June 14, 2020. Filed under career 17stories 9

As I’ve had more early career folks reach out about mentorship, the most frequent question they have is learning about the story of my technology career. I genuinely don’t think my story is a good one to learn from because I’ve had a path dependent on a great deal of privilege and luck. That said, at some point it’s easier to simply write the story and let folks decide that for themselves.

Mentoring from privilege.

June 13, 2020. Filed under mentorship 1

A couple weeks ago, Sean Page tweeted to match engineering and product manager mentors with BIPOC mentees. I’m amazed at the ability of the internet to create these sort of special congregations, and raised my hand. A good number of folks reached out asking if I’d mentor them, and as I started trying to respond to them, I realized I needed to spend more time trying to understand a few core questions.

Ways I'm available to help.

June 12, 2020.

Thinking about how I can be a helpful person in the world, along with the sorts of folks who do and don't think to ask for help, I wanted to take some time to explicitly write down ways that I’m available to help folks. This is an initial list that I’ll have to think about expanding over time.