Irrational Exuberance!

Custom Django Views for Happier Ajax

September 24, 2008 This is the second part in the Django, jQuery & Ajax tutorial series, and takes a look at improving our first stab at Ajaxy functionality with something a bit... how shall we put it... less awful, by using custom Django views to respond to Ajax requests.

Using Automator to Scale Images Horizontally

September 22, 2008 With ten minutes before bed and 35 megs of images to scale, I had my first encounter with Automator. It was a good encounter, and I heartily recommend it to others for--at minimum--batch scaling images.

Redesign of

September 21, 2008 I spent a fair bit of the day sketching and implementing the new layout of I'm pretty happy with how it's turned out, and think it does a much better job of showcasing content (which is... the point of a blog). I am waiting comments with bated breath.

Intro to Unintrusive JavaScript with Django

September 21, 2008 The steps of the novice web developer are fraught with peril. They begin with HTML, then move onto CSS. They learn a web framework or two, and they finally start to wrangle with JavaScript. This tutorial aims to help the developer who has taken their first steps with Django, and wants to begin experimenting with adding JavaScript and Ajax to their webapps.

A One-Stop AYM CMS Solution

September 17, 2008 I spent this morning designing a simple homepage for the AYM CMS project. It contains a somewhat more in-depth tutorial to getting started with AYM CMS, hosts the current version for download, and has some suggestions on how to best take advantage of its functionality.