Irrational Exuberance!

User Registration Apps for Django

October 25, 2008 This entry performs a quick overview of the different existing user registration for the Django web framework. It should help someone who is attempting to decide between the pluggable user registration/authentication applications.

Releasing Kappa Source (PyObjC Twitter Client)

October 23, 2008 Kappa was a two or three day project a month or two ago, and may be helpful for people looking for some PyObjC source code that actually runs on OSX10.5/Leopard, as well as a useful base for a OSX twitter client.

Advice to Programmers in College

October 22, 2008 This is my advice to programmers in college. It touches on graduate school, personal projects, maintaining a blog and portfolio, as well as positioning yourself for the type of career you're interested in.

Touch Detection in Cocos2d iPhone

October 20, 2008 A quick look at three different approaches for implementing touch detection using the Cocos2d iPhone library. There are a number of snippets here, and I imagine it would be rather confusing to approach without a basic understanding of ObjC and Cocos2d iPhone.

Being a Local Maximum

October 19, 2008 Are you the best programmer in your project group? Are you a solitary contract developer? When the curtail starts falling, do you know you'll be the one who'll carry the project or be the last one crushed by its weight? Well, then I guess you're a Local Maximum. Congratulations, and my condolences.