Irrational Exuberance!

django-springsteen and Distributed Search

February 25, 2009 Introducing a new pluggable Django application for creating distributed searches. django-springsteen assists in both aggregating results from a variety of services as well as exposing results to be aggregated.

Leaving DreamHost

February 23, 2009 It was a good run, but I finally closed my DreamHost account and left behind that era. From here on it's all VPSs and servers.

Depicting Human Relationships

February 21, 2009 Another Processing visualization, this one attempting to describe the transience of human relationships, and how we become connected to each other.

Smaller Header, JobSyndicate, Printable Articles

February 19, 2009 An overview of a minor batch of improvements and changes to the blog's look and view and overall usability.

Measuring Single and Multi Server Performance

February 18, 2009 Here is a first for my blog: an experiment conducted using something approaching the scientific method. In other ways it wasn't a first for my blog, because it was essentially a complete failure. Damn it.