Irrational Exuberance!

YUI Dialogs, IE z-index and Tragedy

June 16, 2009 Yesterday I was confused by my own code--really really confused--for the first time in a very long time. Here is the story I unraveled.

Feedback Loops in Software Development

June 1, 2009 As become further and further embroiled in my current project cycle, I am starting to view everything in terms of feedback loops. Is the project working well? Feedback loops. The guy who is having trouble with implementing part of the system? Feedback loops. Effective communication between product manager and engineers? Feedback loops. Beyond merely being possible to view the world in terms of feedback loops, I've found it rather useful as well.

Recycling Hacker Fear-Mongering

May 31, 2009 Recently President Obama and every publishing outfit that can convince their editors to publish words like "cyberwarrior" has been writing about nefarious hackers and the new elite soldiers tasked with combatting them. If only any of it was true.

Skew, The Frontend Engineer's Misery

April 28, 2009 A look at the frontend engineer's primary pain point: product skew. While skew impacts everyone, it beats on the frontend engineer early and frequently. Think frontend engineer's have the easy half of engineering? Well, let's talk about that.

OS X Textfield Encoding (maybe) Issue

April 1, 2009 So, after plugging in my trusty HP scanner and trying to scan a few files, something has gone seriously haywire with my poor laptop. Any thoughts?