"Good Process is Evolved, Not Designed" in 97 Things Every Engineering Manager Should Know

December 20, 2019. Filed under management 127 writing 31

Earlier in the year, I got the chance to contribute an article to Camille Fournier's latest book, 97 Things Every Engineering Manager Should Know, and jumped at the chance to write something. The piece I contributed is Good Process is Evolved, Not Designed, and is a streamlined version of an earlier blog post, which I've also converted into a short conference talk.

I enjoyed this process quite a bit, in particular because it was an opportunity to work in a different medium with different folks than my typical writing workflow, similarly to how I loved getting to write a piece in Increment about Do engineering managers need to be technical?

At some point I'm quite hopefully I'll put together another book or two, but in the meantime these shorter writing slots are a bit more scalable and I hope I'll find a couple for 2020 as well.