Setting Up Django-Rcsfield

October 15, 2008 I spent an hour or two last night figuring out how to get django-rcsfield working, and figure that the notes from the experience might benefit anyone else trying to do the same. With these notes, you too should only be thirty minutes away from adding version control to your Django textfields.

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Sparklines.js Port to Python

September 13, 2008 Here is an incomplete and imperfect port of Sparklines.js to Python, extracted from an incomplete project that has lost much of its momentum.

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BossArray for list-like Yahoo search results

July 28, 2008 I recently put together BossArray, which is a simple wrapper around the Yahoo BOSS search results (relying on the Yahoo BOSS Mashup Framework for the heavy lifting). It provides a dirt simple interface mimicking a normal Python list for most interaction.

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The Subtle Joys of Generic Methods

December 11, 2008 The object system in Common Lisp has something that almost no one else does: generic methods. Also called multi-methods, these allow a flexible and safe approach to dynamically adding functionality to a class at runtime. It's monkey patching without the monkey. When I write my programming language in a few decades, these are going to be there.

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June 11, 2008 The first part of a series written by Kenneth Arnold. The series, Wielding Django, looks at stripping the complexity away from Django so that it is easy--perhaps even PHP-like--to use it for small projects.

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How to Migrate Data Across Model Changes

July 1, 2007 If you've built a large program in Django (or, ya know, anything that uses a database), you know about migrating data. Specifically, you know that you hate migrating data, and that you'd rather use a badly thought out model and waste hours with a bad design decision than simply fixing the tables and the existing data. Well, say goodbye to your data migration angst, 'cause baby, its going away.

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Extracting Models From Django Datadump

July 13, 2007 Last week I made a sweep of breaking changes (hopefully the last one for a long time) in my blogging software, and it would have required heroic efforts to coerce my old data into my new models. Instead I wrote a quick script that goes through dumped data and builds a folder hierarchy with each model in its own file. This makes changes easy enough to transfer your data by hand, but also makes it easier to write more detailed conversion scripts that only have to deal with one model at a time.

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Accolades for Pygments 0.9

January 3, 2008 Pygments 0.9 adds lexers for Common Lisp along with a handful of other languages. I am an unabashed fan.

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