A Python-Markdown Extension for Embedding Graphviz

January 16, 2010 I use Markdown for most of my online writing, and also as the format for most of my personal notes. Since I also use Graphviz quite frequently, adding an extension to handle both seemed like a reasonable next step.

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SuperFamily Relationships with Lazyboy

May 24, 2010 In this article I take a look at using Cassandra and Lazyboy for modeling a trivial task management application. Intended to contain examples of iterating over a subset of keys and storing relations between SuperColumns.

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Epic PyObjc, Part 4: Drag & Drop, Multiple Nibs

August 27, 2008 In this fourth segment of the Epic PyObjC tutorial we take a look at implementing drag and drop in two different ways, as well as using multiple nibs in one application. This is the final segment of Epic PyObjC that focuses on this project; the fifth one will be a collection of resources about continuing with Cocoa and PyObjC.

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Python Content Scraper for OneManga.com

August 8, 2008 I spent a while today writing a fairly kind content scraper for OneManga.com, which shows how to use Python's httplib2 and BeautifulSoup to scrape data with a flexible api and minimal http connections.

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A Photo Album with Python and PIL

January 4, 2010 I wanted to do a fairly mindless little scripting project after spending too much time on well documented and maintained code. It's important to let your hair down sometimes. In this project I use Python and the Python Imaging Library to create a simple photo album.

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As-You-Type Slug Uniqueness Validation

September 27, 2008 This final entry in the Django, jQuery & Ajax series takes a look at implementing as-you-type validation for slug uniqueness. It's a bit briefer than the first three, but leaves the tutorial's Notes app with a bit of Ajax charm.

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Deployment Scripts With BeautifulSoup

June 9, 2008 Recently I have been doing a lot of website deployment and various repetitive but slightly complex html hackery in order to flesh out simple templates with content stolen from other pages of html. Although it could have been a bit frustrating, with the help of BeautifulSoup it has been a fun ride.

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Epic PyObjC, Part 3: Browsing, Caching, Indicating

August 25, 2008 In this third segment of the Epic Introduction to PyObjC and Cocoa we spend some time in the standard application development workflow of iterating new idea from concept into feature. First, we have double clicking an entry open its page on FreeBase.com, then add disk based caching of results, and we end by adding an indicator to reassure users that the app hasn't frozen while retrieving data from Metaweb.

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JSON, Object Oriented Views, and Starting a Real App

June 22, 2008 The third installment of Ken Arnold's series, *Wielding Django*. After examining some Django basics for the first two entries, Ken starts looking at more advanced techniques in this entry, some of which can really transform how you'll look at Django views in the future. He also lays the foundation for the application he'll be using to demonstrate more Django techniques and practices as his series continues.

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Extracting Data From Google Analytics Reports

September 11, 2008 Today I'm releasing a Python library I put together a few months back, which supports extracting data from exported Google Analytics reports into simple Python data structures (dictionaries, lists, and datetimes). Using it you can easily run custom analysis of your GA data without any hassle.

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Stripping Reddit From HackerNews With BOSS Mashup

July 13, 2008 This tutorial looks at using the Yahoo BOSS Mashup Framework (a simple Python library) to retrieve the RSS feeds for HackerNews and Reddit Programming and strip the union of those results from HackerNews, returning HackerNews to an earlier era.

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