Visually Representing Word Structures

February 10, 2009 A very rough initial sketch at plotting words and word structures using Processing. At this point nothing too interesting, but hopefully I'll clean it up and use it to plot some interesting content in the near future.

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Depicting Human Relationships

February 22, 2009 Another Processing visualization, this one attempting to describe the transience of human relationships, and how we become connected to each other.

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We're All Sinners and Cosiners

February 6, 2009 Another Processing sketch, this time dealing with circles and rotation. It isn't really what I originally intended, but it might make it as a WinAmp visualization circa 1995.

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Spiral and Square

February 5, 2009 I've been playing with Processing lately, and here is one of the animations I've put together. Pretty basic to be sure, but has the smallest bit of emergent behavior.

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Circle and Line Diaspora

February 5, 2009 Another Processing example, this one where I try unsuccessfully to explore spacing and empty space. Ah well. Maybe next time.

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Visualizing Keyterms with BOSS and Processing

February 4, 2009 This is an example of using Processing to visualize the keyterms returned for Yahoo! BOSS Search results. Unfortunately requires network connection and had trouble getting it to sign properly, so you'll need to download it to actually see it in action.

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