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XML::Twig for Large XML Files in Perl


This week I needed to rewrite a Perl script that used XML::Simple for some XML handling. The cause? The script it needed to parse grew from 13k to 80 megs. All of the sudden the in memory approach wasn't looking so hot.

Intro to HTTP::Server::Simple::CGI


A quick introduction to using HTTP::Server::Simple::CGI, which is a helpful Perl module on CPAN for creating a standalone web server.

XML::Simple for Non-Perlers


A brief introduction with thorough examples for people who don't really know Perl, but need to use Perl to write a task that uses XML.

Prevent Cron Cancer With a File-based Mutex


For a recent work task I used the file-based mutex technique to prevent a Cron script from running two copies simultaniously. Although incredibly basic, I think it's a nice trick to add to the old toolbox.

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