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Some Biased Analysis of Music Videos


Although not very many people have been exposed to this minor hobby of mine, every once in a while I spend a week or two watching a lot of music videos. From these studies I have learned a thing or two about what makes music videos click.

Music From the iTunes Store, 1


The first part of a trip through my purchased iTunes music. Covering the first 136 tracks I have bought from the iTunes store.

"You Are Beautiful At All Times" by Yppah


My favorite album so far this year. Whether you call it trip-hop or electronica, its ambiguous in all the best ways, and definitely worth a listen. You Are Beautiful At All Times by Yppah is a gem.

The Fate of Pop and Hip-Hop in 2008


A meandering treatise on the damages and dangers of overproduction in pop and hip-hop music. Not a particularly serious piece.

Seeking Some Music I Can't Find


I have been desperately searching for a piece of music that will resonate with my current state of being. Here is a travel log of the beginning of this journey.

"Puddle City Racing Lights" by Windmill

Music is supposed to make us feel. Puddle City Racing Lights by Windmill will make you feel, unless you've forgotten how to. Even then it might create a fissure in your granite heart.

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