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Irrational Exuberance's Third Rebirth

The first Irrational Exuberance was a WordPress blog in 2007. The second a custom Django application, and the third... is also a custom Django application. Named Sisyphus.

Don't Repeat Yourself for Bloggers: Dynamic Blog Context in LifeFlow

Programmers talk about DRY, or Don't Repeat Yourself, all the time. Its a strategy for making programming more pleasant, more efficient, and to reduce errors. LifeFlow uses a simple idea, which I have brazenly labeled Dynamic Blog Context, to try to take a few steps toward DRY while writing blogs.

Implementing Threaded Comments in LifeFlow


A brief discussion on implementing comments in LifeFlow.

Installing a Development Deployment of LifeFlow, a Django Blog Solution

Comprehensive instructions on installing and setting up a local deployment of LifeFlow (for those who are moderately in the Django know). This should be all you need to get started using LifeFlow, but I will have another entry soon detailing the little tricks and tips that make LifeFlow helpful.

Fixing What Ails LifeFlow


I like LifeFlow. I like it a lot, you'd hope so, because I'm probably the only person who seriously uses it. That said, there are a number of issues that make it difficult to work with, and they need to be resolved before the blog platform is genuinely usable.

ReST, Textile and HTML in Markdown


Recently I have run into a few situations where I really wanted to avoid Markdown messing with segments of text, and there isn't a completely intuitive way to deal with that by default, so I put together a quick solution. And.. while I was at it I added some support for rendering Textile and ReST from within Markdown as well.

Release of LifeFlow 0.91


A few weeks behind my idealistic schedule, LifeFlow 0.91 has finally pushed its way through the doors, with a number of code refactorings, and enhanced flexibility for entry authors.

Release of LifeFlow Version 0.90

The first version of LifeFlow that actually has a number. I think it certainly deserves a number, and hopefully you will too after looking at some of the new improvements here.

Working on LifeFlow's Public Face


The current version of LifeFlow under progress, 0.91, is focused on improving the public faces of LifeFlow. This means improving the quality of the code so that other developers have an easier time getting involved, but it also means improving the usability and appearance of the publicly viewed templates as well.

Introducting the LifeFlow Editor


Its taken a while, but I've finally gotten around to writing an editor for LifeFlow which will replace using the Django admin. Its not completely finished, but a lot of the functionality is here.

Don't play with this on your production deployments yet, its being a bit weird on converting between Drafts and Entries

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