Introducing my Japanese Kitchen

October 21, 2007 A quick overview of the kitchen in my apartment. It has accumulated two decades worth of stuff... but still doesn't have a rice cooker. Damn.

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Lesson Plan: My Winter Vacation

January 17, 2008 A look at a recent lesson I created for one of my first year junior high school classes.

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Introduction to Kamioka-cho, Hida-shi, Gifu-ken, Japan

January 11, 2008 An introduction to the lovely town I have been living in for some five months now. Lots of pictures to illustrate the points that words never can.

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FAQ about JET

October 13, 2007 Answers to a bunch of questions about JET that I get asked frequently. If there are any questions that I didn't answer throw me an email and I'll do my best to answer them.

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Applying to the JET Programme

July 20, 2007 So maybe you want to apply to the JET Programme. Maybe you already did. This is what your experience will be, or was, like. Except its really my experience with the words "I" and "me" inconsistently replaced with the word "you".

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Driving on the Left Side

January 10, 2008 A few thoughts and pictures of my stylish Suzuki Wagon R that cheerfully (it has a flower sticker on the door to the gas tank) escorts me through the rural landscapes of Kamioka.

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Teaching Elementary Classes as an ALT

February 14, 2008 Teaching elementary lessons has been one of the banes of my time as an Assistant Language Teacher. It just isn't part of my job that I enjoy. Here are a few tips and thoughts about the experience.

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July 18, 2008 今週の木曜日は最後小学校に行く日だった。で、最後日本で授業を教える日もだった。ちょっと感動する日になったでしょうね。

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Expectations and Reality for the lowly ALT

October 14, 2007 When you apply to the JET program you have a lot of expectations. Then you talk to a couple of people who participated in the JET program before, and you get a new set of different expectations. A true JET veteran would tell you that Every Situation Is Different and to stop predicting because you're never going to know.

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Spring Doesn't Come in February, But Snow Does

February 24, 2008 The weather here is insane. It was getting above freezing and fairly pleasant for the last four or five days, but then it all flipped.

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Advice for ALTs Considering a Second Year

July 7, 2008 Many ALTs undergo temporary insanity when considering recontracting for the their second year. Here is my advice for those in the process.

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