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Intro to Unintrusive JavaScript with Django

The steps of the novice web developer are fraught with peril. They begin with HTML, then move onto CSS. They learn a web framework or two, and they finally start to wrangle with JavaScript. This tutorial aims to help the developer who has taken their first steps with Django, and wants to begin experimenting with adding JavaScript and Ajax to their webapps.

Getting Started with Processing.js

Processing.js has been everywhere the past few days, but I didn't notice too much assistances for Javascript neophytes getting started with it, so I put one together while playing around a bit with it this evening.

Log Collection Server with Node.js

A look at using Node.js to write a log collection server and also log submission clients. My first experiment with Node.js, which really impresses me with how easy it is to write flexible, powerful and efficient code in Node.js.

Using Flot.js with the Digg Streaming API

Last year Digg released a Streaming API which exposes real-time activity on its site. It's available via JSONP, so this tutorial takes a quick look at dynamically populating a Flot.js graph using the API's data.



Custom Django Views for Happier Ajax

This is the second part in the Django, jQuery & Ajax tutorial series, and takes a look at improving our first stab at Ajaxy functionality with something a bit... how shall we put it... less awful, by using custom Django views to respond to Ajax requests.

Porting Django's urlpatterns to Node.js

A quick look at a bringing the Django patterns for and to Node.js.

Design of Processed Tower Defense

A look at the two main design patterns used to implement Processed Tower Defense, a simple tower defense game implemented using Processing.js.

Three Processing.js Examples

The past couple of days I have been putting together a few Processing.js examples, and wanted to share them. They are all implemented via the Javascript api, and involve some level of human interaction.

Callbacks Are An Informal Pipeline

Spending some time with Node.js I've begun to realize what a pain callbacks can be when they become sufficiently deep. That said, after sufficient nesting it's pretty easy to see how callbacks become very similar to a pipeline (in the simplest case, anyway).

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