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When psycopg2 Can't Import tz


This is a very short post, placed as a warning sign to the poor souls who encounter this problem and are confused by it. Mainly myself, since I have solved it at least twice without remembering what the problem was.

YUI Dialogs, IE z-index and Tragedy


Yesterday I was confused by my own code--really really confused--for the first time in a very long time. Here is the story I unraveled.

Poor Wireless Connectivity for MacBook


Quick posting of my solution to extremely poor wireless connectivity on my MacBook.

OS X Textfield Encoding (maybe) Issue


So, after plugging in my trusty HP scanner and trying to scan a few files, something has gone seriously haywire with my poor laptop. Any thoughts?

Failing a Contract

An important part, although not particularly pleasant one, of being a contract programmer is that you're going to fail sometimes. In a business you might be reallocated to a new project, or not get the raise you'd been expecting. But as a contract programmer, you're probably not going to get paid. But, hey, life goes on.

Writing Titles Under Ninety-Five Characters


A short, dull, and pointless story about why my recent blog entries all have titles under the length of 95 characters.

Stability Issues


This is me learning to run my own server. This is me two inches tall, shrinking. God, I'm still shrinking. This is me apologizing too. This is also me learning, and getting a little better, slowly, and most importantly, this is me thinking that I may have this site stable before Christmas. Cross your fingers with me now.

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