Migrating the 'This Week in Django' Concept

September 5, 2008 This Week in Django had a fantastic site design, and pausing to examine the new layout I wondered: why hasn't the TWID concept spread to other projects?

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Technical Aspects of the Life Flow Editor

February 3, 2008 A discussion about some of the technical aspects involved in the implementation of the LifeFlow Editor. Some Django snippets included.

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Taming AuditTrail Proliferation

October 16, 2008 After integrating AuditTrail into an application I'm working on, I've been really pleased with its functionality, but needed a way to reduce the number of revisions to be a bit more manageable. This entry takes a quick look at a simple way to do prune AuditTrail revision histories without removing too many AuditTrails.

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