Restricting User Signups in Django

October 13, 2008 A brief and informal article on restricting the user signups using an arbitrary signup code with a specified number of uses. Could this be made into a pluggable app?

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Findjango, A Week of Progress

March 16, 2009 Here is an overview of the visible and not-quite-so-visible changes to Findjango over its first week. As always I'm excited for more feedback in the one year plan towards creating a valuable Django search experience.

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Up to Speed

June 15, 2008 This is part two in Ken's series, where he quickly gets us started with a simple Django project with some Ajax, and establishes the foundation that the rest of the series will build upon.

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Slides from django-nyc on 11/18/2008

November 19, 2008 Here are the slides from my Django presentation at django-nyc, I tried to go heavy on the code snippets, and commented the slides a bit, so it may retain some of its mystical powers to inform. But opinions may vary about that.

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Release of LifeFlow Version 0.90

June 10, 2008 The first version of LifeFlow that actually has a number. I think it certainly deserves a number, and hopefully you will too after looking at some of the new improvements here.

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Working on LifeFlow's Public Face

June 11, 2008 The current version of LifeFlow under progress, 0.91, is focused on improving the public faces of LifeFlow. This means improving the quality of the code so that other developers have an easier time getting involved, but it also means improving the usability and appearance of the publicly viewed templates as well.

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June 11, 2008 The first part of a series written by Kenneth Arnold. The series, Wielding Django, looks at stripping the complexity away from Django so that it is easy--perhaps even PHP-like--to use it for small projects.

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How to Migrate Data Across Model Changes

July 1, 2007 If you've built a large program in Django (or, ya know, anything that uses a database), you know about migrating data. Specifically, you know that you hate migrating data, and that you'd rather use a badly thought out model and waste hours with a bad design decision than simply fixing the tables and the existing data. Well, say goodbye to your data migration angst, 'cause baby, its going away.

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Extracting Models From Django Datadump

July 13, 2007 Last week I made a sweep of breaking changes (hopefully the last one for a long time) in my blogging software, and it would have required heroic efforts to coerce my old data into my new models. Instead I wrote a quick script that goes through dumped data and builds a folder hierarchy with each model in its own file. This makes changes easy enough to transfer your data by hand, but also makes it easier to write more detailed conversion scripts that only have to deal with one model at a time.

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A Sunday Project: Ambush Code Review

June 16, 2008 This past Sunday I decided to delve into the mysterious world of Google App Engine development and had a pretty good experience with it. This is a quick look at what I built, and a promise to discuss the development process in the near future.

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Migrating the 'This Week in Django' Concept

September 5, 2008 This Week in Django had a fantastic site design, and pausing to examine the new layout I wondered: why hasn't the TWID concept spread to other projects?

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