Polishing Up Our Django & BOSS Search Service

July 12, 2008 This is a continuation to the first entry on using Django and Yahoo's BOSS Mashup Framework, and takes our search service from something very small and ugly to something that is fairly usable.

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A Filter to Display Neighbors in a List

January 20, 2009 When you have a lot of content to show but not enough room to it, a helpful UI pattern is to show just the content surrounding your current position. We see this in search result pages, and now in a series' list of entries on my blog.

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Two-Faced Django Part 3: Newforms

December 4, 2007 Part three of the Two-faced Django series looks at using newforms for validation.

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Two-Faced Django: Live install

December 16, 2007 The example application built in this series is now alive and accessible. Although, its extraordinarily bland. I will acknowledge that. The Facebook portion is also alive here.

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Deploying django-springsteen on Google App Engine

March 5, 2009 This articles covers the basics of creating a custom search vertical using django-springsteen and then deploying it on Google App Engine.

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Syntax Highlighting with MarkDown, and a pinch of Automagick for Django

July 14, 2007 It can be a bit awkward to implement MarkDown and Code Syntax highlighting together in your Django applications. But making them play nicely together doesn't have to be a hassle. Beyond that, its about time to teach your Django blog to automagickly create MarkDown references for you. If only it would stop begging at the dinner table...

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Setting Up Django-Rcsfield

October 15, 2008 I spent an hour or two last night figuring out how to get django-rcsfield working, and figure that the notes from the experience might benefit anyone else trying to do the same. With these notes, you too should only be thirty minutes away from adding version control to your Django textfields.

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What Do Django People Search About?

June 18, 2009 Link to the search logs for Findjango. Obviously, not really that much data, but something.

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Ambush Code Review Learns Code Diffs

June 18, 2008 I spent two or three hours working on Ambush Code Review today to implement some ideas I had last night. The basic problem was that it didn't make it easy to post improvements to code, but I think that it has reached a much more usable place. Actually, I think its become useful. Fancy that.

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Reranking Results in django-springsteen

February 26, 2009 After introducing django-springsteen to the world yesterday, here is a look at how to use django-springsteen to rerank search results with custom logic, as well as a look at how it achieves consistency of results across pagination.

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Restricting User Signups in Django

October 13, 2008 A brief and informal article on restricting the user signups using an arbitrary signup code with a specified number of uses. Could this be made into a pluggable app?

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