Suffer Less By Using Django Dev Server as a Proxy

September 30, 2008 A quick look at how to use Django (and specifically the development server) as a proxy to remove some pain in your life when developing static media changes to an existing site quickly.

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Dynamic Ad Targeting With django-monetize

August 29, 2008 For the past few days I have been working out this project in my head, and I finally sat down this morning to finish the implementation. django_monetize is a pluggable Django application for easily using a diverse array of monetization techniques in your Django project, and also for targeting different ads/monetization options based on the viewer and page content.

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Intricate Static Websites With Django Templates

September 15, 2008 Over the weekend I needed to create a slightly complex static website, and decided to make a go at using Django templates to build it. I was not disappointed.

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Two-Faced Django Part 2: Models and Django Testing

December 4, 2007 In the second part of this series we put together our models for this project, and also introduce the Django testing framework.

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A Syntax Coloring Template Filter for Django

August 10, 2008 I spent a bit of time this evening writing a template filter for Django that accepts a string of code (and optionally the name of the Pygments lexer to use for highlighting) and returns the code nicely syntax colored. A simple but slightly helpful addition to your templating arsenal.

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Bad Ideas and Regular Expressions in Templates

November 5, 2008 A meandering story about creating a simple if-else derivative template tag that matches arbitrary values against regular expressions instead of matching boolean values.

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Overview of Using Django on the Google App Engine

June 17, 2008 A look at the advantages and disadvantages of using Django with the Google App Engine. Touches on the GAE platform itself, as well as looking at areas where ported Django projects will have to be adapted to the App Engine's unique environment.

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As-You-Type Slug Uniqueness Validation

September 27, 2008 This final entry in the Django, jQuery & Ajax series takes a look at implementing as-you-type validation for slug uniqueness. It's a bit briefer than the first three, but leaves the tutorial's Notes app with a bit of Ajax charm.

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Solango and Tomcat 6 on Ubuntu Intrepid

March 6, 2009 This tutorial covers installing Tomcat 6, Solr and Solango on Ubuntu Intrepid. If you're going for a lightweight deployment, I'd recommend sticking with Jetty instead...

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A Different Approach to

November 28, 2008 A concise look at an alternative way to use with Django, which makes it possible to store more specific settings in version control without mucking up deployment.

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Yahoo's Build your Own Search Service in Django

July 10, 2008 This is a fairly simple look at how to use Yahoo's BOSS Mashup Framework with Django. In the tutorial we create a simple news search.

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