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Yes, You Do Care About Cappuccino


This entry takes a look at the reasons why you do care about Cappuccino (even if you don't know it yet). Although I doubt you'll end up using Cappuccino on the job anytime soon, it gives us a glimpse at a more flexible and exciting future.

Writing Mahou; a Cappuccino Image Search

I spent much of the day writing Mahou, which is the Japanese word for magic, and is now also a Yahoo! Boss Search Mashup Framework and Cappuccino (and Google App Engine, while we're at it) powered image search engine. It's a pretty interesting application, and even the least technical readers might enjoy playing around with it a bit.

Extending Classes in Cappuccino


A brief look at a simple example of extending the CPTextField class in Cappuccino. Breaks down the extension process into six steps, walking through them with the example.

Extending Mahou; Gotchas and Snippets

A few thoughts and code snippets from further extending Mahou. Written in a rambling style with little purpose or direction. You've been warned.

Releasing Source for Mahou

Mahou is a simple but somewhat interesting web search I made using Cappuccino, Yahoo! BOSS Mashup Framework, and Google App Engine. I'm releasing the code for free use, and hope that it can be helpful for anyone interested in Cappuccino or in the Yahoo! BOSS Mashup Framework.

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