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Search Recipes for Yahoo's BOSS in Python


This entry is a bit of a cookbook for using Yahoo's Python library for accessing the BOSS Mashup Framework. It has full examples for searching the web, images, news , for paginating results, and for limiting searches to specific domains.

Yahoo's Build your Own Search Service in Django


This is a fairly simple look at how to use Yahoo's BOSS Mashup Framework with Django. In the tutorial we create a simple news search.

django-springsteen and Distributed Search

Introducing a new pluggable Django application for creating distributed searches. django-springsteen assists in both aggregating results from a variety of services as well as exposing results to be aggregated.

Stripping Reddit From HackerNews With BOSS Mashup


This tutorial looks at using the Yahoo BOSS Mashup Framework (a simple Python library) to retrieve the RSS feeds for HackerNews and Reddit Programming and strip the union of those results from HackerNews, returning HackerNews to an earlier era.

Polishing Up Our Django & BOSS Search Service


This is a continuation to the first entry on using Django and Yahoo's BOSS Mashup Framework, and takes our search service from something very small and ugly to something that is fairly usable.

Writing Mahou; a Cappuccino Image Search

I spent much of the day writing Mahou, which is the Japanese word for magic, and is now also a Yahoo! Boss Search Mashup Framework and Cappuccino (and Google App Engine, while we're at it) powered image search engine. It's a pretty interesting application, and even the least technical readers might enjoy playing around with it a bit.

Reranking Results in django-springsteen

After introducing django-springsteen to the world yesterday, here is a look at how to use django-springsteen to rerank search results with custom logic, as well as a look at how it achieves consistency of results across pagination.

BossArray for list-like Yahoo search results


I recently put together BossArray, which is a simple wrapper around the Yahoo BOSS search results (relying on the Yahoo BOSS Mashup Framework for the heavy lifting). It provides a dirt simple interface mimicking a normal Python list for most interaction.

Extending Mahou; Gotchas and Snippets

A few thoughts and code snippets from further extending Mahou. Written in a rambling style with little purpose or direction. You've been warned.

Visualizing Keyterms with BOSS and Processing


This is an example of using Processing to visualize the keyterms returned for Yahoo! BOSS Search results. Unfortunately requires network connection and had trouble getting it to sign properly, so you'll need to download it to actually see it in action.

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