Getting started with Shoes on OS X

October 15, 2007 Shoes is a GUI toolkit worth a look. Simple design, brief code, and Ruby make for a pleasant experience. As long as you can overlook the minimal documentation and unpredictability that comes with young projects.

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SuperFamily Relationships with Lazyboy

May 24, 2010 In this article I take a look at using Cassandra and Lazyboy for modeling a trivial task management application. Intended to contain examples of iterating over a subset of keys and storing relations between SuperColumns.

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Hosting a Paper Reading Group

October 29, 2012 Once again we're experimenting with a paper reading group for our engineering team, this time with more success than previously, albeit in an unintended direction.

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Being Defensive

January 23, 2011 Calling someone defensive is a really damning thing to do, in no small part because it kills all ongoing communication.

Load Balancing Across Erlang Process Groups

September 13, 2009 A quick look at a slightly novel solution for balancing load across process groups when building Erlang systems.

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Design of Processed Tower Defense

May 18, 2008 A look at the two main design patterns used to implement Processed Tower Defense, a simple tower defense game implemented using Processing.js.

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Epic PyObjc, Part 4: Drag & Drop, Multiple Nibs

August 27, 2008 In this fourth segment of the Epic PyObjC tutorial we take a look at implementing drag and drop in two different ways, as well as using multiple nibs in one application. This is the final segment of Epic PyObjC that focuses on this project; the fifth one will be a collection of resources about continuing with Cocoa and PyObjC.

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Cocoa Drag and Drop text into the Dock Icon

August 7, 2008 I spent much too long today trying to figure out how to implementing drag and droping selected text onto an application's Dock icon (and its Finder icon as well), and will proceed to share this knowledge with you in the hopes that related searches will not leave their queriers quite as lost as I was.

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Three Processing.js Examples

May 14, 2008 The past couple of days I have been putting together a few Processing.js examples, and wanted to share them. They are all implemented via the Javascript api, and involve some level of human interaction.

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Scalable Scraping in Clojure

November 24, 2009 A fairly indepth tutorial which takes a look at using Clojure to extract data from webpages, using agents to process data, and a few other knickknacks.

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Callbacks Are An Informal Pipeline

March 7, 2010 Spending some time with Node.js I've begun to realize what a pain callbacks can be when they become sufficiently deep. That said, after sufficient nesting it's pretty easy to see how callbacks become very similar to a pipeline (in the simplest case, anyway).

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