Will Larson

August 10, 1985 I'm a developer and I write a little bit. If you're curious about learning more about me, this is a good place to start.

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Creating my Dream Server for Django

July 13, 2007 Recently I redid my server to have a solid Django serving atmosphere: apache2, Python 2.5, memcached, lighttpd for serving static media. These are the cleaned up and formatted notes I used to guide myself through the installation process on my 256 meg SliceHost slice.

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A Django Middleware for Google Analytics (repost)

June 14, 2007 This is the new home of an old entry from the now defunct original incarnation of *Irrational Exuberance*. These entries are almost two years old, and haven't necessarily aged well, but maybe that's a good thing. This article looks at implementing a Django middleware that injects Googlel Analytics tracking into pages.

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Extraction: Get Metadata from HTML Documents

November 24, 2012 As part of a toy project I'm playing with I needed to extract titles, summaries and images, so I threw that together as the extraction library.

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Configuration Driven Behavior

November 25, 2012 As the SocialCode engineering team pursues building technical leverage, one of the ideas we've been exercising is configuration driven behavior. This post discusses what configuration driven behavior entails, and why we think it's a useful idea.

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Articles and Series

March 28, 2011 Collection of the most popular and interesting articles and series on Irrational Exuberance.

XML::Twig for Large XML Files in Perl

November 20, 2008 This week I needed to rewrite a Perl script that used XML::Simple for some XML handling. The cause? The script it needed to parse grew from 13k to 80 megs. All of the sudden the in memory approach wasn't looking so hot.

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Why Pagination Was Hard at Digg

August 25, 2012 Can Duruk wrote up some tips from his experience at Digg, and one of them was about pagination. Let's talk about that.

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Suffer Less By Using Django Dev Server as a Proxy

September 30, 2008 A quick look at how to use Django (and specifically the development server) as a proxy to remove some pain in your life when developing static media changes to an existing site quickly.

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Writing Files in Clojure

November 16, 2009 Another quick Clojure blog entry, this one on writing out file contents.

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Search Recipes for Yahoo's BOSS in Python

July 12, 2008 This entry is a bit of a cookbook for using Yahoo's Python library for accessing the BOSS Mashup Framework. It has full examples for searching the web, images, news , for paginating results, and for limiting searches to specific domains.

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