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Changes from Living


I try to keep my philosophical musings pretty private. Statements of purpose and meaning have a scale of grandeur that as of yet I can't translate into a public setting. Still, a simple thought: living is changing.

Hot Water Is Broken


My hot water is broken, and its damn cold here.

On The Causes and Cures of Malware


Thoughts on the John Gruber's suggested 40-40-20 split between Windows, Linux and OS X on the propagation of malware.

On Education, Self-Responsibility and Manure


Its a rare month that I don't find some angry article about the problems of universities in America. If only they did X, or they implemented policy Y. I have a suspicion though, that the fault with American universities lies in a much broader social problem.

Getting Cold in Kamioka


Its starting to get cold. I am wearing long underwear (thanks Mom!), and its the middle of October. The thought of the approaching winter leaves me in tears.

Heading toward Atlanta


JET gets a bit more real as I head down to Atlanta tomorrow. This post scores a 0.85 on the 5 point "cohesiveness" scale. Yep, its that bad.

Merry Christmas 2007


Merry Christmas to all, and to all a good night.

JET Pre-Departure Orientation


A thrilling retelling of the day when the JET program finally got a bit more real. Beginning with my drive down to Atlanta, and ending with a fluffy pillow.

YouTube Scalability


Yesterday I watched the Google TechTalk on Scaling YouTube. It was a decent talk, and I jotted down some notes while listening to it. This article is my compiled notes, because the ideas were occasionally good, but probably did not deserve a 52 minute powerpoint demonstration (filled with jokes where the speaker intentionally pauses... but then quickly aborts the pause when the expected laughter fails to materialize from the abyss).

A Week In The Job


A look at a week in my job as a junior high school and elementary school ALT.

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