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Scalable Scraping in Clojure

A fairly indepth tutorial which takes a look at using Clojure to extract data from webpages, using agents to process data, and a few other knickknacks.

Updating Processing.js Graphics via Ajax

A look at an example of using Ajax to create synchronized and dynamic graphics. To keep things simple the backend creating the data is a one line php script, but the concept applies equally well to real services.

Slack and Hope for Middle Management


Sometimes working in middle management feels like being trapped purgatory between making policy and making software. Tom DeMarco's Slack paints a much rosier picture.

Python Content Scraper for OneManga.com

I spent a while today writing a fairly kind content scraper for OneManga.com, which shows how to use Python's httplib2 and BeautifulSoup to scrape data with a flexible api and minimal http connections.

Bad Ideas and Regular Expressions in Templates


A meandering story about creating a simple if-else derivative template tag that matches arbitrary values against regular expressions instead of matching boolean values.

Overview of Using Django on the Google App Engine

A look at the advantages and disadvantages of using Django with the Google App Engine. Touches on the GAE platform itself, as well as looking at areas where ported Django projects will have to be adapted to the App Engine's unique environment.

A Year Later, Home From Japan


As many of you (if anyone actually reads these) already know, I am back from Japan. Here are a few thoughts about returning back to America.

You Only Learn the First Time


It's easy to get caught in the cycle of programming language acquisition or library re-implentation circuit. I'm here to propose a better way for spending our programming time to create more useful projects, and to become more versatile programmers.

How to Write a Wrapper Library


Recently I received a comment wondering how to approach writing a wrapper library on top of an existing library. Although writing wrapper libraries is hardly a lost art of antiquity, developing a new interface to a library can create a lot of added value without too much effort, so it seems like something deserving of a couple hundred words.

Opening Files With Associated App in Cocoa


Recently I spent a while trying to figure out how to open files in my Cocoa app. Not just open them, but have the correct application launch with that file as an argument. I knew that Carbon achieved this with LaunchServices, but was unsure about the Cocoa equivalent to LaunchServices. But, it turns out to be quite easy to use. (Hint: its NSWorkspace.)

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