Success and Dancing Shoes

July 31, 2009 It's been a strange couple of weeks; perhaps even a strange couple of years. But the dancing shoes are still on, dancing for position, and waiting for luck.

Several Approaches to Versioning Files in PHP

July 28, 2009 Another problem I ran into at work recently is how to include versioned static files into a PHP frontend. Here I take a look at a couple of possible approaches, although neither of them are particularly overwhelming in their beauty, they seem to be workable.

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Distinguishing Strings from Lists in Erlang

July 25, 2009 A quick look at the very very simple solution I have arrived upon for distinguishing between strings and lists in Erlang.

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Freebase Hackday and Image Game

July 12, 2009 I had a great time at Freebase Hackday 2009, and got to work with some of the Metaweb team to put together a simple Image Game which allows users to discover images for locations which haven't yet had an image associated with them.

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BeepBeep, CouchDB and a Trivial Blog

July 9, 2009 This next installment in the Introduction to BeepBeep series takes a look at pairing CouchDB with BeepBeep to begin consolidating the necessary toolkit to construct plausible web applications.

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Using Ajax with the BeepBeep Microframework

July 6, 2009 The second entry in the Introduction to BeepBeep series, this time we take a look at using Ajax with BeepBeep in an extremely simple and contrived example.

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Getting Started With BeepBeep

July 5, 2009 BeepBeep is an intuitive web framework (or micro-framework in the words of its creators) along the lines of Django or Merb. For someone looking to get started with Erlang webapps with a minimum of hassle, it's a great option to investigate.

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What Do Django People Search About?

June 18, 2009 Link to the search logs for Findjango. Obviously, not really that much data, but something.

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YUI Dialogs, IE z-index and Tragedy

June 16, 2009 Yesterday I was confused by my own code--really really confused--for the first time in a very long time. Here is the story I unraveled.

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Feedback Loops in Software Development

June 1, 2009 As become further and further embroiled in my current project cycle, I am starting to view everything in terms of feedback loops. Is the project working well? Feedback loops. The guy who is having trouble with implementing part of the system? Feedback loops. Effective communication between product manager and engineers? Feedback loops. Beyond merely being possible to view the world in terms of feedback loops, I've found it rather useful as well.

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Recycling Hacker Fear-Mongering

May 31, 2009 Recently President Obama and every publishing outfit that can convince their editors to publish words like "cyberwarrior" has been writing about nefarious hackers and the new elite soldiers tasked with combatting them. If only any of it was true.

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