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Reliable Mealtime Friends


A look at a few of my favorite meals for myself in Japan. Nothing fancy, but dependable friends in times of need.

Grocery Shopping in Japan


(This entry contains a number of pictures and may load a bit slowly on some connections.) I spend a lot of my day thinking about the next meal. In conjunction with that I do a lot of grocery shopping. Here is an annotated pictorial of my groceries.

Getting Cold in Kamioka


Its starting to get cold. I am wearing long underwear (thanks Mom!), and its the middle of October. The thought of the approaching winter leaves me in tears.

Teaching Adult English Classes

A collection of my thoughts and advice from my English conversation lessons taught to an adult class. A handful of ideas on topics, and awkwardly generic recommendations.

Getting started with Shoes on OS X


Shoes is a GUI toolkit worth a look. Simple design, brief code, and Ruby make for a pleasant experience. As long as you can overlook the minimal documentation and unpredictability that comes with young projects.

Expectations and Reality for the lowly ALT


When you apply to the JET program you have a lot of expectations. Then you talk to a couple of people who participated in the JET program before, and you get a new set of different expectations. A true JET veteran would tell you that Every Situation Is Different and to stop predicting because you're never going to know.

FAQ about JET


Answers to a bunch of questions about JET that I get asked frequently. If there are any questions that I didn't answer throw me an email and I'll do my best to answer them.

A Few Quick Updates to Site


I have made a few technical updates to the website. The consequences should be more stability and a better visual appearance for Internet Explorer users.

Back in Action


My life is finally settling down, so you can look forward to Irrational Exuberance no longer being a ghost ship. It will be, at minimum, a skeleton crew instead. By the way, I apologize for any crappy Halloween humor, I have been teaching elementary kids in Japan about Halloween for a week, and it looks like I have three more weeks to go.

Eating Cornflakes


Much like an awkward date, sometimes you find yourself talking a lot about a topic that no one actually cares about. If you live long enough, that conversation's topics may be cornflakes.

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