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Packaging of Renu Contact Solution


A quick look at the packaging for Renu contact solution in America and Japan.

Miyajima and Hiroshima


Some pictures and minimal commentary from my trip to Hiroshima and Miyajima.

Designing My Future Home


Isn't it one of the great dreams of humans to design and build your own home? Well. I had a few ideas this morning and decided to put together a sketch.

Another Breakfast With You


Another brief look at my recent cooking adventures...

Another Slight Mistake...


Got caught by a bit of an error which lead to my markdown superset not being coherently rendered, but its all fixed now. Sorry! Sorry! Sorry!

Merry Christmas 2007


Merry Christmas to all, and to all a good night.

Moving Writings to Separate Flow


The fiction writing didn't integrate well with the other content in the Life feed, and each made the other more confusing and less comprehensible. So the writings now exist in their own flow.

Two-Faced Django Part 7: PyFacebook and FBJS Ajax

The seventh (and final!) entry in the Two-Faced Django series. We look at implementing Ajax functionality in the Facebook app we have been developing with PyFacebook.

Upgrading from 256 to 512 megs of ram


Minor upgrade to my VPS from 256 to 512 megs of RAM. Things should be more stable.

Two-Faced Django: Live install

The example application built in this series is now alive and accessible. Although, its extraordinarily bland. I will acknowledge that. The Facebook portion is also alive here.

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