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Standard Workflow for Publishing With LifeFlow


A simple combination overview and Frequently Asked Questions about how to use LifeFlow to publish your blog entries.

Replacing the Karma Social Model with Whuffie


Recently I ran into the concept of Whuffie and immediately fell for its charm as a potential solution to many of the flaws of current karma implementations in web applications.

Catching Lessons From Spam


Looking at some pieces of spam that were inadvertently caught by my old comment implementation.

Translating Entries into Other Languages with LifeFlow

A quick look at the mechanism for providing translations of entries into other languages using LifeFlow.

A Historical Perspective on the JET Program in 2008


The JET Program is approximately as old as I am, but I imagine I'll continue to age long after it closes its doors. Why? Because of the competing visions about what the JET Program should be.

On The Causes and Cures of Malware


Thoughts on the John Gruber's suggested 40-40-20 split between Windows, Linux and OS X on the propagation of malware.

Failures of Proactive Communication & Other Generic Complaints


JET is one of the most singularly frustrating experiences of my life. This, of course, makes me want to endure it in a sense of proving oneself in the face of adversity. But when does inconveniencing others become less important than saving yourself?







Opinionated Programming Languages, The Huddled Masses, and Elitism

The Language For Smart People and Language For Masses dichotomy is one that leaves a queasy feeling in my stomach. Just because a distinction has become accepted by the community doesn't mean it is a valid one.

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