When psycopg2 Can't Import tz

February 14, 2009 This is a very short post, placed as a warning sign to the poor souls who encounter this problem and are confused by it. Mainly myself, since I have solved it at least twice without remembering what the problem was.

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The Django and Ubuntu Intrepid Almanac

February 13, 2009 This heavy tome of wisdom will guide you, keystroke by keystroke, through configuring a mod_wsgi, Postgres, memcached, Django server on Ubuntu Intrepid. Written for a complete command line beginner, but hopefully useful to everyone (I know I'll have to refer to it to remember how to add additional domains to my server as well ;).

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Visually Representing Word Structures

February 10, 2009 A very rough initial sketch at plotting words and word structures using Processing. At this point nothing too interesting, but hopefully I'll clean it up and use it to plot some interesting content in the near future.

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Using Threadpools in Python

February 10, 2009 This article takes a look at creating a threadpool in Python. Specifically it takes a stab at iteratively processing CSV and XML files and farming out the parsed data for processing by a threadpool. The Python logging, csv and ElementTree modules make cameo appearances.

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Setting up CouchDB-Lucene on OS X

February 6, 2009 I spent a while today trying to setup CouchDB-Lucene on my OS X machine, but I've run into a few problems. I documented my procedure pretty thoroughly, hopefully this will serve as a good setup guide once I figure out the problem I am running into.

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We're All Sinners and Cosiners

February 6, 2009 Another Processing sketch, this time dealing with circles and rotation. It isn't really what I originally intended, but it might make it as a WinAmp visualization circa 1995.

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Circle and Line Diaspora

February 5, 2009 Another Processing example, this one where I try unsuccessfully to explore spacing and empty space. Ah well. Maybe next time.

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Spiral and Square

February 5, 2009 I've been playing with Processing lately, and here is one of the animations I've put together. Pretty basic to be sure, but has the smallest bit of emergent behavior.

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Visualizing Keyterms with BOSS and Processing

February 4, 2009 This is an example of using Processing to visualize the keyterms returned for Yahoo! BOSS Search results. Unfortunately requires network connection and had trouble getting it to sign properly, so you'll need to download it to actually see it in action.

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Cull Lingering Erlang Heart Processes

February 4, 2009 This article introduces a short Perl script that culls errant Erlang heart processes, which have the awkward tendency of accumulating over time with crash-heavy processes.

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Hard and Soft, Fluffy and Brittle

February 3, 2009 Going through my first design phase in a large team of engineers has been an enlightening experience for me, exposing me to an ancient software dichotomy: hard versus soft.

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